Envirotech has been a leader in high-quality, modern, and sustainable office furniture solutions for over 24 years. As working from home becomes the new norm, Envirotech Home works with organizations across Canada and the U.S who want to ensure that their employees have a comfortable and productive home office environment.

At Envirotech Home, we make it easier to find ergonomic solutions for a productive home office. We believe that employees need access to high-quality and functional home office furniture that helps prevent repetitive strains and injuries detrimental to both health and work performance.

As North America’s leading provider of high-end remanufactured and new furniture, we have a much wider scope of products and services than traditional manufacturers. Our customers come to us for our quality, fast lead times, and our top-notch customer service team that ensures every project and product is delivered on time and on budget.

Our remanufactured products are sustainably rebuilt to be better than new, which is why we can offer you an industry standard warranty for our refurbished furniture. We are also happy to offer corporate discounts for bulk orders.

Envirotech Home carries everything from high-quality and sustainable office chairs, to ergonomic desks and innovative filing solutions. You’ll find that we have everything you need to turn your home office into a modern and comfortable workspace that motivates you and your entire team. Need something unique or would like to speak with one of our Workplace Consultants? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist.

At Envirotech Home, we strive to work closely with you and your organization to ensure your employees are safe and productive at home. We invite you to come and explore our collection of high-end home office furniture and to sign up to receive exclusive deals and more.