Customer Testimonials

Uzair Ahmed

Hello Ryan, I bought a refurbished Steelcase Leap V2 from your company about a week ago, and wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic deal I received on it. Though it’s been a short time with the chair, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! I was looking for this exact chair for quite a while and came across your site and immediately went for it. The quality is commendable, the chair looks almost like it’s brand new, and I couldn't be happier with the overall buying experience. I've already recommended your company to my friends and family, and one of them is interested in purchasing an office chair. I was wondering if you have any referral programs or special discounts available for those I refer. It would make the recommendation even more appealing for them. I am truly impressed with your product selection and customer service, and I'm excited to continue supporting your business by spreading the word.

Looking forward to hearing from you.